Stone Coated Steel


The stone-coated-steel roofing systems use aluminum-zinc-alloy-coated steel, covered with 3M ceramic-coated stone granules, and are sealed with a polymer coating. Styles include tile, villa tile, shake, and shingle. Different colors and color blends are available to complement various home exteriors. 

Stone Coated Steel Stone Coated Steel


You can expect stone-coated steel shingles to last up to 50 years. Although you may notice significant granule loss before that depending on your climate. Even without granules as long as the steel base sheet in intact and not rusted through in any areas you may have a watertight roof beyond the rated life of the shingle.

Stone coated steel panels test very well as a Class A fire resistance panel, wind warranties meeting or exceeding 120MPH and fantastic hail damage resistance to 2.5 inches.

Whether your needs are focused on finding just the right roof for your home or a perfect color for an upcoming architectural or multi-family project, PRC can assist in the selection of your new roofing system.